The Power of 100

Volume Training

Over the last week I’ve been getting some serious DOMS, of which volume training has been the cause.

We all know that to get good results, you need to shock the body. Doing what your body can cope with day in, day out, is not going to get you the gains or the shreds you are looking for. So what do you do? I had been doing quite a lot of interval training in the run up to my Spartan race in a weeks’ time. I have also been doing some heavy lifting so I decided to spend a week trying out volume training.


If you’re like me and love the pain you get after a good workout, then volume training is definitely something you need to try if you’ve not tried it already. When it comes to volume training, I’m not sure how many reps is really a lot. So I picked 100. The power of 100! Most of these I had to do in 4 sets of 25, but where I could, I did it to failure before my first rest.


You obviously don’t want to be using high weights when doing volume training, for obvious reasons. I’d recommend using around a half to a third of the weight you’d use when going heavy. Sometimes you don’t need any weights at all!

My first day was legs. I started off with some jumping squats. Then I did some jumping lunges, followed by some goblet squats with an 8kg kettle bell. That’s pretty much all I had time for, but my goodness, I felt it the next day. Even more the day after!

Yesterday I did abs and started off with crunches. I then mixed it up a bit and did a set of 25 leg raises, followed by 25 standing side crunches holding a 10kg plate. Repeated 4 times to get to 100. That was it. That was literally all I did. Today I’m in agony. Good agony, but I’m scared for tomorrow.

So, volume training. Definitely give it a go!


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