HIIT Training

I previously spoke about interval training and how it’s great if you’re short of time. Since then I’ve been reading up more and more about it and discovering how it’s awesome at burning fat. I read recently that 25 minutes’ interval training 3 times a week delivers the same (if not better!) results as an hour’s steady cardio 5 days a week. There’s also been lots of research around how it’s really good for maintaining muscle mass when you’re shredding.

I have therefore been incorporating it into my workouts in my bid to drop body fat in time for my Spartan Sprint race in a few weeks’ time.


Lots of people I’ve spoken to have complained of the same thing. That it’s boring. This is because many people view HIIT training solely as using the Speed Interval setting on the treadmill. I was also guilty of this, which is why I’m trying to spread the word about how HIIT training can be done in so many different ways. I’m writing this blog whilst in the middle of some pretty bad arm DOMS from HIIT training yesterday.

HIIT training with weights

tricepYesterday I tried out a method of HIIT training that was new to me. I was using weights (well, cables mainly). Basically I was repping for 20 seconds, and then had a 10 second rest. It’s basically the same principle as when you’re using the Speed Interval setting. I used a very low weight (10kg for tricep pulldowns, versus my 1 rep max of 30kg) which seemed too low at the start, but my goodness was it burning by the end!! In total I did 2 exercises working triceps and 2 exercises working biceps. I was shaking by the end of each of my 8 “sets”, or 4 minutes. At the end I tried to do a pull up. FAIL!

Let me know what exercises you’ve found particularly good when HIIT training.


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