Perform to Fail

When exercising, you should always follow one simple rule: Perform To Fail. Keep going until you can physically do no more. If you’re doing press-ups, keep going until you can no longer lift your own body weight. If you’re running and want to stop, speed up until you almost pass out. You’ll never get better otherwise.

Pain is Fear leaving the body” – Jillian Michaels sums it up pretty well. If you stop as soon as it starts to hurt, your body won’t improve.

In the gym today I ran 10k. Definitely find it more difficult in the gym because of both the boredom factor, and the fact that you’re staring at your time/distance the whole way. I got to about 7k and I just wanted to give up, so instead of slowing down and giving up, I pyramided until the end. The last kilometer was PAINFUL but worth it. I stepped up the speed and was practically sprinting the last 0.3k. By the time I finished I was struggling to breathe, but I DID IT! Very pleased when I stepped off the treadmill.

Then I went and did some ab work. I was still nackered and sweating profusely, but I did the exercises I was told (by my PT/BF) and did them until I could physically do no more.

Time and time again I’ll see people in the gym who do a few sit ups and then stop. Or lift a dumb bell a few times and rest. Or sit on the bike reading a magazine. These are the people who will never get any better. True, what they’re doing is better than nothing, but that’s about it. Better than nothing.

To see results, you need to PERFORM TO FAIL


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