Gym Etiquette

Feel like I have to have a bit of a rant about this after my gym sessions this weekend.

Firstly, you need to make it clear when you’ve finished on a piece of equipment, or if you’re still using it. Simply placing your membership card or towel on the bench you’re using is enough. Similarly, if you HAVE finished, make that clear as well. If you’re using the bench press, for example, take the weights off and put them away when you’re done. It’s frustrating for someone like me when I go to use something but it’s full of really heavy weights. I’m not the strongest so I end up struggling to get all the heavy ones off. And then I have to hunt around for the ones I want.

Secondly, and rather simply, put your rubbish away. Yesterday I had to clear out the drinks holder in the treadmill just so I had somewhere to put my drink! Wasn’t just an old bottle in there either. There was also a lovely sweat-covered tissue, and a half-full plastic cup of water. Nice!

Something else that is annoying is when people constantly slam weights down. There really isn’t any need. If the weight is too heavy that you can’t place it down, then you need to make it a bit lighter. I understand that there will always be times when it slips or whatever, but to slam it down every single time for a set of 10 is really not necessary.

Lastly, but by no means least…be a bit nicer to people! Have a chat, say hello. Maybe it’s just the people in the south, but it seems that people walk around with their earphones in and dont speak to anyone. If you see someone by themself, maybe offer to spot them if they’re doing weights. The whole gym experience would be much better if people were a bit more friendly. When I’m out running I always nod and smile or say hello to fellow runners. A bit like how bus drivers always wave to each other. Makes the world a happier place.


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