Cheat Meal

Last night was cheat meal night, and boy was it goooooood!!! It was my turn to pick what we had so I made a totally yummy lasagne, smothered with cheese. It was so good, and it was even better with no guilt afterwards.

I started off by putting a chopped red onion, a teaspoon of lazy garlic, a pack of lean beef mince, a couple of dashes of worcester sauce, an oxo cube, and a carton of chopped tomatoes into my slow cooker. I turned it on High, and stirred it every half an hour or so for 3 hours.

When it was cooked, I added a little Bisto to thicken it up a bit and scooped about a third of it into a dish. I layered on some pasta sheets, then some white sauce and a little sprinkling of cheese. I repeated this twice more until there was no mince left, and then covered it in the rest of the cheese.

Into the oven it went…about 200 degrees for 45 minutes.

Then the other half and I had about half each (he a little more than I), followed off with a small bar of chocolate and a big glass of wine. Perfect cheat meal!


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