Protein Drink

Yesterday on the way back from the gym I stopped off at my local sports nutrition shop and bought a bunch of drinks and bars to try (before I buy multi-packs).

I found this really cool drink called Whey Refresh. It’s a sports drink which is basically protein and nothing else. Not even any carbs! I tried the orange flavour one, and while the flavour isn’t as good as something like Lucozade, it’s worth it.

It’s quite low calorie too – 160 in the whole bottle. I know that this isn’t as low as the 50 calories in Lucozade Lite, but remember that your body can’t store protein as fat so you’re not going to gain body fat with this. Although you should be burning off more than 160 calories in the gym anyway.

I’ve done a bit of research, and you can get them reasonably cheap from Monster Supplements – going to order me a few (they were £2.99 in the nutrition shop, but £1.85 for 2 or more at Monster Supplements).


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