Interval Training

Interval Training

6.15am today I was in the gym doing my interval training! That’s dedication for you! I can’t go this evening as I’m meeting up with some friends, plus it’s much quieter in the gym first thing in the morning (although not empty as I would have assumed!!). And then I’m all done by 6.45 so I have time for a nice shower before I get the train to glorious work (gym is next to the train station which is pretty handy).

Not much time?

Interval training is great if you’ve not much time. If, like me, you have a job where you have to start relatively early (8.30 after an hour’s commute), there’s not always much time in the morning. I, however, am lucky enough to have a gym that opens at 6am and is right next to the train station. So I really don’t have any excuse! I can get up early (having packed my stuff the night before), throw on my gym kit after I’ve had a quick bowl of porridge, and get half an hour workout in before I hit the shower.

The same applies if you’ve not much time at lunch or in the evening. You can even go down to the park (if there’s one near you) and find somewhere to do run back and forth. Sprint and then walk alternately. About 100m would be good, perhaps a little more.

It’s a workout that keeps giving

Bf tried to make me do an ab workout after my Interval Training – I did two sets of 10 reps of the kettle ball oblique things, and then gave up. I was done! Had upped my jog and run paces (prob not the best idea to increase both at the same time) and by the end I was so nackered!! 5 mins warm up at my jog pace (10.5), and then 15 mins of interval with a 14.5 run pace. I literally couldn’t have done any more. But am extremely glad I finished it.

Interval training like this is a workout that keeps giving! Studies have shown that your metabolism is increased for up to about 24 hours after completing exercise like interval training. Check out the report here.

I tried my other protein drink – the ‘tropical punch’ flavour. This one is ok – I think I prefer the orange one, but my bf prefers this one. Still fine though – I’ll be buying some more I think. There was a load of them in the nutrition shop that only had a month left on the use by date so they were only 99p each. But Monster Supplements do them as well so I might get some off there once I’ve bought all the reduced ones from the shop!! How thrifty of me! 🙂



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